I am interested in breaking down the perceived boundaries within the ‘white cube’ through the use of ceramics to create socially engaged artwork.

I aim to facilitate the exploration of the audience’s imagination through creating and playing games with ceramics. In Johan Huizinga’s study Homo Ludens (1938) he describes play as a free and meaningful experience and activity, which is something I hope to achieve with the audience within my work. I am interested in how the audience may react to a familiar set up of a game board where there are no predetermined rules, only the request that they make some up themselves. This allows the audience to take ownership of the work and to give and take power away from any of the pieces they wish.

The forms I create are highly influenced by the notion of the haptic as I feel that artwork should be held and played with and explored by as many of the senses as possible.

My practice has shifted from an exploration of digital and analogue processes and recycling digital materials through image hacking to the use of ceramics within the socially engaged realm. Allowing me to involve the audience and encourage them to experience my work rather than just view it.

My objective is to create beautifully broken pieces, which have been distorted throughout the making process. They are then distorted further through the use of glazes to show the scars of the artwork, and begin to question aesthetics within art and society.



South Devon College – Art Foundation- Final Major Show.                07/2013
Plymouth University – Kaleidoscope Exhibition                                   05/2014
Untitled BCN – The Postcard Project                                                     10/2014
CHART & The Duke of Cornwall – Emergence Exhibition                   05/2015
Plymouth University – HOT’16                                                                 06/2016