This work was an investigation into digital and analogue processes such as image hacking. My image hacking work is an exploration of recycling digital material such as old portrait photographs I have taken. This work is highly influences by Rosa Menkman as well as William Boroughs cut up technique. I am interested in the cut up technique in relation to cutting and sticking image by hand, but also by cutting up lines of code from an image.

I also found that the glitch in my photographs is like the human errors I inject into my pots while making them. I take a piece of clay and form it into a vessel similar to taking an image and moving its code around to create a new image. Moving and deleting code is the same as taking away and shaping the clay. I see the glitches in my images, as cracks into the code, like little windows you can peak through. Some of my pots have cracks in allowing you to look a little further in to the piece and see the true nature of the materials. The pots have lots of little imperfections like cracks in the bottom, fingerprints and scuffs that I did not hide. I wanted my mistakes to be visible and allow them to add to the character of the piece as well as showing a little bit more about who I am when I’m not there. To do this I made all my pots to the size and shape of my hand so they can be picked up and looked at closely allowing the viewer to see any little finger prints and mistakes I made.




Glitch Project
Glitch Project